The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Watching My 407 thai movie

The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made When Watching My 407 thai movie

There are three big mistakes that I made when watching my 407 thai movie. The first was not paying close enough attention to the subtitles. The second was zoning out for too long and not noticing important plot points happening on-screen. And the third was not taking notes or recording what I saw so that I could refer back to it later. each of these errors resulted in me not understanding the full story or losing important details. If I had paid more attention to the subtitles, for example, I would have been able to follow along more easily and learn more about the characters and their motivations. Zoning out also caused me to miss important plot points, which ultimately resulted in me not enjoying the movie as much. By taking notes and reviewing them later, I would have been able to retain all of the information better and feel like I had really experienced the film.

Although making these mistakes cost me in terms of enjoyment, they were ultimately worth it because by doing so, I learned valuable lessons that will help me enjoy future movies more. By paying close attention to what is happening on-screen and taking detailed notes, I can guarantee a better experience for myself and anyone else who watches my films with me in the future.

best thai rom com movies

The best thai rom com movies are the perfect way to get your romantic fix. These movies are often filled with witty dialogue, heartwarming stories, and steamy scenes. But don’t let the sappiness scare you off. These films are actually quite funny and entertaining.


If you’re looking for a movie that will transport you to Thailand and make you fall in love all over again, look no further than these three favorites.


1) “The Princess and the Frog”

This charming film follows Tiana as she moves from New Orleans to the royal court of Bangkok in search of a new beginning. Along the way, Tiana meets Prince Naveen, who helps her find her identity and connect with her family. The story is full of humor and love, making it a definite favorite among thai rom com fans.


2) “The Beach”

This classic follows the love story of Alex and Sandy as they journey from London to Thailand for Sandy’s wedding. They fall in love along the way, but must face challenges such as cultural differences and Alex’s military career. The film is full of emotion and has won numerous awards, making it a must-see for any romantic movie fan.


3) “Kiss the Girls”

This hilarious film follows Thao and Thaopie as they travel to Bangkok to start their own business. Along the way they

coming soon thai horror movie

The three biggest mistakes I made when watching my 407 thai movie were not paying attention to the subtitles, not anticipating the horror elements, and not being prepared for the extremely graphic violence. While I thoroughly enjoyed the film as a whole, it would have been much more enjoyable if I had paid more attention to the subtitles and prepared myself for the horrific violence.

The subtitle issue was easily remedied by downloading the subtitles from Hulu or another online source. Had I done this, I would have been able to understand everything that was happening on screen and could have avoided some of the plot holes. The lack of gore in some scenes also made it difficult to get into the character’s emotional states. Had there been more blood, guts, and mayhem, it would have been easier to feel empathy for the characters.


The violence in 407 was pretty brutal. There were scenes where people were killed brutally with axes, machetes, spears, and even chainsaws. In some cases, body parts were ripped off completely. Needless to say, this content is not for everyone and should not be watched by those who are particularly squeamish or faint-hearted. If you’re looking for a thriller that will make your heart race and your stomach churn, 407 may not be the best choice for you.


Despite these minor setbacks, I still thoroughly enjoyed 407 thai movie and would recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a good scare. Just be warned that it’s not